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Little Women Complete Season 1 - [Korean Series]

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Missing ₩70 billion appears to three sisters who grew up in absolute poverty but with a close bond. Entangled in a conspiracy that involves the rich and powerful, three sisters who wanted to live like everyone else confront a life task whether to keep or to return the money.

Genre: Action, Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Stars: Kim Go-eun, Nam Ji-hyun, Park Ji-hu, Wi Ha-jun


Premiere: Sep 3, 2022 (South Korea)

 Little Women Season 1 Official Trailer

Little Women Season Episode Guide And Download

[accordion] [item title="Episode 1"] Oh In-joo turns to a work friend for help when an incident with her mother leaves her cash-strapped. Oh In-kyung digs into a four-year-old case. Download Episode 1 [/item] [item title="Episode 2"] After discovering Jin Hwa-young's surprising secret, In-joo comes to suspect a finance director to be the culprit of the murderous scheme. Download Episode 2 [/item] [item title="Episode 3"] In-kyung causes a scene at a party celebrating Park Hyo-rin's win in a contest. In-joo heads to a mental hospital to deliver an orchid and seek advice. Download Episode 3 [/item] [item title="Episode 4"] In a secret garden, Won Sang-a commissions Oh In-hye to draw a portrait of her. In-joo and In-kyung debate over the fate of the found money. Download Episode 4 [/item] [item title="Episode 5"] In-joo and In-kyung start new jobs and dig deeper into unanswered questions. Sang-a takes a sudden trip, inciting a surprising reaction. Download Episode 5 [/item] [item title="Episode 6"] In-joo and In-hye debate what to do with a shocking piece of evidence. In-kyung contends with fallout from a media firestorm. Download Episode 6 [/item] [item title="Episode 7"] Reeling from recent events, the sisters must look further into the past in hopes of finding the truth. In-kyung unlocks a secret. In-joo hatches a plan. Download Episode 7 [/item] [item title="Episode 8"] In-joo travels abroad and receives an unexpected welcome, leading to more questions. In-hye and Hyo-rin attempt to help Sang-a, who's in isolation. Download Episode 8 [/item] [item title="Episode 9"] In-joo is in grave danger following an encounter with a mysterious visitor abroad. In-kyung offers to make a deal to save her older sister. Download Episode 9 [/item] [item title="Episode 10"] Park Jae-sang faces a threat. With some help, In-hye and Hyo-rin set out to start fresh. In-kyung finds her own way of shining light on the truth. Download Episode 10 [/item] [item title="Episode 11"] Jae-sang makes a drastic move. In the aftermath, the sisters face the wrath of familiar adversaries, newly emboldened with great power. Download Episode 11 [/item] [item title="Episode 12 (Season Finale)"] During one sister's hearing, a bombshell courtroom appearance causes a stir. Emotions run high as lingering questions are finally answered. Download Episode 12 [/item] [/accordion]

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