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Adamas - Complete Season 1 | KDrama

Ha Woo-Shin and Song Soo-Hyun are twin brothers. Woo-Shin is a best-selling, mystery novelist and Soo-Hyun... Download Adamas Season 1

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Ha Woo-Shin and Song Soo-Hyun are twin brothers. Woo-Shin is a best-selling, mystery novelist and Soo-Hyun is a prosecutor at the Central District Prosecutors' Office. 22 years ago, when they were children, their step-father was killed. Now, they discover that their birth father is the person that killed their step-father and he received the death sentence. They soon learn that their birth father was framed for their step-father's murder and they chase after truth.

Genre: Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Stars: Ji Sung, Seo Ji-hye, Lee Soo-kyung, Heo Sung-tae

IMDB: /title/tt21195588/

Premiere: Jul 27, 2022 (South Korea)



[accordion] [item title="Episode 1"] Woo-sin enters Kwon's mansion in search of Adamas. Su-hyeon begins to question his father's death. [/item] [item title="Episode 2"] Woo-sin tries to lure Tae-song into his plan while Su-hyeon meets with a witness. [/item] [item title="Episode 3"] Woosin's plan is on the verge of collapsing and Soohyun's witness is suddenly found dead. [/item] [item title="Episode 4"] Woosin lights a fire in the mansion to find Adamas and Soohyun receives a mysterious text message. [/item] [item title="Episode 5"] Woo-sin plans to steal Adamas, and Su-hyeon interrogates the person who followed him. [/item] [item title="Episode 6"] Woosin searches for the disappeared Adamas and Soohyun and Seohee are ambushed by Team A. [/item] [item title="Episode 7"] Woo-sin asks Hye-soo for help to keep Mrs. Oh silent, and Soo-hyun and Seo-hee find out who Team A is. [/item] [item title="Episode 8"] Woosin writes a novel about Soonyi's dead son and Soohyun tries to secure his father's autopsy report. [/item] [item title="Episode 9"] Woosin eyes the eightieth anniversary ceremony. Suh yeon and Seohee head to ARES [/item] [item title="Episode 10"] Suhyeon searches for Seohee and Woosin gets involved in a case with Taesung and Agent Kim. [/item] [item title="Episode 11"] Woosin carries out his plan to steal Adamas. Suhyeon receives an invitation and heads to the hall. [/item] [item title="Episode 12"] Woosin tries to understand Kwon's true intentions, and Suhyeon makes an all-out effort to save Seohee. [/item] [item title="Episode 13"] Suhyeon meets Lee Changwoo and learns the truth. Woosin looks into the Kangchun prison incident. [/item] [item title="Episode 14"] Woosin becomes a hostage of Team A. Suhyeon and Seohee go to save Woosin. [/item] [item title="Episode 15"] Woosin searches for the missing figure and Suhyeon follows the clues left by Team A. [/item] [item title="Episode 16 (Series Finale)"] Suhyeon bumps into Mr Lee on Team A's black site. Woosin and Seohee run to Suhyeon's rescue. [/item] [/accordion]

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