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Big Mouth - Complete Season 1 [Korean Series]

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Follows the bizarre things that happen when a third-rate lawyer coincidentally takes charge of a murder case and digs deeper into the hidden truth. It is a record of the battles faced by a lawyer of the lower middle class who must become more evil than the villains in order to protect himself and his family and punish the bad guys in a world full of conspiracies and greed over power and capital.

Park Chang Ho, a lawyer who was never successful to begin with and eventually ends up reaching a win percentage of only 10 percent. Those around him call him a big mouth for talking grandiosely but showing no substance. He is so badly off that he can't afford to pay the monthly rent for his office nor pay his office manager, who is also his father-in-law, on time. Go Mi Ho who is Park Chang Ho's wife and the person who made him a lawyer. She was graceful and reserved during her college days, but she has now become extremely bold and foul-mouthed.

Genre: Action, Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Stars: Lee Jong-suk, Yoona, Yang Gyeong-won, Kim Ju-hun


Premiere: Jul 29, 2022 (South Korea)

Big Mouth Official Trailer

Big Mouth Season 1 Episode guide

[accordion] [item title="Episode 1"] Chang-ho, who has no money and is about to lose his wife, receives a call from the mayor of Gucheon. Download Episode 1 [/item] [item title="Episode 2"] Chang-ho is charged with drug abuse and locked up in Gucheon Prison. Download Episode 2 [/item] [item title="Episode 3"] Chang-ho needs to maintain recognition as Big Mouse to protect Mi-ho. Download Episode 3 [/item] [item title="Episode 4"] Gong Ji-hoon makes a bet with Chang-ho to find out his true identity. Download Episode 4 [/item] [item title="Episode 5"] Jihoon approaches Miho to find Seo Jaeyoung's thesis. Does Miho know Changho's true identity? Download Episode 5 [/item] [item title="Episode 6"] Has Changho been lying to Miho? Miho joins the prison medical volunteer program to meet Changho. Download Episode 6 [/item] [item title="Episode 7"] Jaeho warns Changho to stop looking into Seo Jaeyoung's thesis. Miho is suddenly attacked. Download Episode 7 [/item] [item title="Episode 8"] Chang-ho is in a mental hospital. Will Chang-ho be able to hide his identity in a state of confusion? Download Episode 8 [/item] [item title="Episode 9"] Changho stands as an informant in Seo Jaeyoung's trial, and Jihoon and Jungrak search for Changho Download Episode 9 [/item] [item title="Episode 10"] Download Episode 10 [/item] [item title="Episode 11"] Download Episode 11 [/item] [item title="Episode 12"] Download Episode 12 [/item] [item title="Episode 13"] Download Episode 13 [/item] [item title="Episode 14"] Download Episode 14 [/item] [item title="Episode 15"] Download Episode 15 [/item] [item title="Episode 16 (Final)"] Download Episode 16 (Final) [/item] [/accordion]

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